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Location:New Jersey, United States of America

Your narrator and dead for [at least] ten years, { … } has grown bored of contemplating life and his own lack thereof. As he is unable to remember much of anything, he no longer dwells on it, finding that he would rather spend his time creating new memories instead of straining to call upon things that are clearly gone. So he somehow found himself at the doorstep of Hanna Falk Cross, a wanna-be paranormal investigator who ends up messing up more than not. Despite Hanna’s seemingly constant failures however, he is quite content with being Hanna’s partner and sincerely tries to aid in all of the smaller man’s endeavors.

Not much is known about him, even so much as what he is. Though he is frequently referred to as ‘zombie’ for those who aren’t creative enough [or weird enough] to come up with a new name for him each time, he lacks the desire to feast upon any brains, and while his visible emotions may seem to range from indifferent to mildly concerned, it seems fairly obvious that { … } has a good range of feelings. He falls apart, stitches back together, is dry of blood, and has a small aversion to anything very wet. He’s also told that the white shocks of hair on his head resemble angel wings, but he assures you he is anything but. So in short, he simply just is with no real explanation.
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